Update 16.08.2013: These are our newest additions: “Lena” & “Scarlett”- world class cutting mares.
Update 31.07.2014: New Pictures of Delta’s foal: “Whirly”
Update 31.07.2014: New Pictures of Ice’s foal by Tomcat Chex: “Mira”
Update 01.05.2014: This is our new addition to our broodmare band: “Christina”!
Update 27.04.2014: New pictures of our French Boys: Luno & Seattle - both in France (Europe).
Update 03.01.2014: Vanquish is Ontario High Point Open Aged Stallion 2013!
Update 28.07.2013: New video page where you find the video collection!


To us horses are tradition, passion and a philosophy towards equestrian sport. We train our horses to be loyal and respecting individuals that are allowed to keep their charisma and excel in the show ring. For breeding we only use proven and selected stock that has superior genetics to produce outstanding offspring that is in demand. We care for our horses, treat them respectfully and do whatever we do with our heart. We are proud that we can say at the end of each and every day that we give our horses as well as our customers simply the best!

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